TerraPiPy Core

TerraPiPy is a collection of different projects to create easy to use tools for terrarium/aquarium/vivarium control and automation for the Raspberry Pi. TerraPiPy is short for „Terrarium + Raspberry Pi + Python“ because snakes are cool (and some parts are written in Python). The system can be run on a Raspberry Pi to setup, monitor and control pimatic to use many terrariums, aquariums and vivariums. A website is provided as a dashboard and the info tool provides data providers for other systems.


TerraPiPy is work in progress!

TerraPiPy Core, TerraPiPy Web and TerraPiPy Info

TerraPiPy Core or just TerraPiPy is a collection of tools, pre defines configurations and articles for best practices to geht pimatic up and running. Optionally TerraPiPy Web shows the data on a beautiful website. With TerraPiPy Info the data can be send to external systems like an Arduino.

Features of TerraPiPy Core

TerraPiPy is the installation/maintenance/control part of the system. It helps to get pimatic running and monitors it to keep your pets happy.

  • Collect sensor data (Temperature, humidity, weather, lights, …)
  • Multiple sensors and actuactors for every terrarium
  • Control switches and other actuators
  • Send notifications on warnings and errors (temperature to high, …)
  • Log all data

Features of TerraPiPy Web


  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard per terrarium, aquarium and vivarium
  • Sensor overview
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Animal database
  • Feeding reminder
  • Actuator control

Features of TerraPiPy Info – Info for Arduino

  • ? List sensor data (Temperature, humidity, weather, lights, …) on LCD
  • ? Switch status LEDs
  • ? Color for RGB LED